Data System and Technology Support

Schools need 21st Century technology to prepare students to become the workforce of the future. That’s why the Quality Education for All Fund will invest in technology and tools that teachers, students, staff and parents need. The most significant investment is the creation of an improved data system so teachers, district leaders and community programs have access to the critical information they need to make data driven decisions about their human talent. This portal will also make information more easily accessible to parents. In addition, matching funds provided by the Quality Education for All Fund allowed Duval County Public Schools to access a second round of the federal Qualified Zone Academy Bond, resulting in an overall investment of $58 million in technology in district, focusing on the Transformation schools, but also ensuring that every teacher in the district gets a new laptop, and every school has high-density wireless.

QZAB Press Conference

August 13, 2014 — Duval County Public Schools announces the Qualified Zone Academy Bond II, a $58 million investment in technology for Duval County Public Schools.
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