About Us

The Quality Education for All Fund is a large pool of private dollars that is invested in programs and initiatives designed to attract and retain high-quality teachers and leaders for Duval County Public Schools. The QEA Fund is the culmination of the Quality Education for All initiative, launched in 2004 by The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida to improve the performance of all public school students in Duval County, with particular attention to the gaps in achievement along socio-economic and racial/ethnic lines.qea-logo Through the QEA Fund, investments are aligned with the Duval County school district, providing resources that will complement, not supplant, public investments. The QEA Fund is housed at The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida, and overseen by an Advisory Group of QEA Fund major donors. The Jacksonville Public Education Fund is charged with administering the recommended grants, with financial and programmatic oversight by The Community Foundation.

While Duval County Public Schools has sufficient resources for professional development of veteran teachers and leaders, it has more limited resources for attracting, nurturing and keeping talented new educators – the teachers and leaders of today and tomorrow. The Quality Education for All Fund invests in the human talent needed in classrooms and schools, with the majority of the funds focused on 36 of Duval County’s highest-need schools, which include Raines, Ribault and Jackson high schools and the 33 elementary and middle schools that feed into them. Research tells us that the single most important in-school factor in a child’s education is the quality of the teacher in the classroom and, by extension, the leader in the school, with a particular focus on the district’s most-challenged schools. Improving teacher effectiveness is the factor most likely to improve academic achievement among students.

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Now in its 51st year, The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida (www.jaxcf.org) is Florida’s oldest and largest community foundation. The Foundation works to stimulate philanthropy to build a better community – helping donors invest their philanthropic gifts wisely, helping nonprofits serve the region effectively, and helping people come together to make the community a better place. The Foundation has more than $312 million in assets and has awarded more than $332 million in grants since 1964.

Duval County Public Schools is the 22nd largest school district in the nation and the sixth largest school district in Florida. The district is committed to ensuring that students are prepared for success in college or a career, and life. In addition, the district will make sure its mission of providing educational excellence is reflected in every school, in every classroom, for every student, every day.

The Jacksonville Public Education Fund is an independent nonprofit organization that works to connect research with civic voice to bring about unified action in support of universally high-quality public schools for all children in Duval County. We believe that an informed and active citizenry, together with attentive and aligned community leadership, will move our schools forward to prepare students with the skills they need for future success.