Who We Are

A coalition of private philanthropists working with Duval County Public Schools to ensure that all students achieve in school and in life.

What The Fund Does

The Quality Education for All Fund is investing $50 million over five years to attract and retain the highest-quality teachers and leaders for Duval County Public Schools.

Now’s The Time

By 2018, about two-thirds of workers in Duval County will need some post-secondary training in order to get a job. We need to ensure that our children are ready to be the workforce of the future.

How Can I Help?

Everyone can be involved — you can advocate, volunteer and donate! We’ll help you get started in whatever way works best for you.

Learn about the philanthropists and partners working to make Quality Education for All a reality.

Read more about the comprehensive plan of investments aimed at valuing teachers as professionals.

Read the research and community input that built the plan for the Quality Education for All Fund.

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The QEA Vision

Teachers, citizens, community leaders and the business community. Working together to ensure that all children are prepared to succeed in college and career